How to Keep a Wood Slat Bed From Squeaking

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Tossing and turning at night is frustrating, but it's even more annoying if your wood slat bed squeaks with every tiny movement. Creaky bed slats and frames can become squeaky when things get loose or damaged. Rubbing parts can also make an unpleasant noise that keeps you awake at night. Simple fixes can quiet your bed and help you have a peaceful night's sleep.


Find the Squeak Source

Before you start making repairs or changes, try to pinpoint the source of the noise. An innerspring mattress could get squeaky when it's getting older. If this is the case, replacing your mattress is the best option for quieting the squeak. Box springs can also become squeaky over time. If the bed frame or slats are to blame, the squeak could come from joints where the slats meet the frame or where the frame meets the floor.


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Look for Damage

If you've narrowed down the squeak to the wooden bed slats, inspect them to look for signs of damage. Remove your mattress and box spring to get a clear view of the bed slats. Sagging, cracked, or damaged slats could be the source of the noise, and they don't offer adequate support for your mattress. Replace the bed slats with new ones to correct the issue and see if it stops the squeak.


Tighten the Fasteners

Even if the bed slats are still sturdy, the fasteners that connect them or that secure the bed frame can become loose and cause squeaking. If the bed frame is wobbly, it could be a sign that loose nuts, bolts, or screws are the cause. Tighten the fasteners so they're snug but not overtightened. Put the mattress back on the bed and test it to see if this simple fix stopped the squeaking.


Rotate the Mattress

If you haven't rotated your mattress in a while, now's the time to do it. Changing the positioning of the mattress might not seem like a big deal, but it could help redistribute the weight and ease the squeaking you hear every time you climb into bed.


Add Some Padding

Squeaking can come from the slats rubbing against the bed frame. If the slats are too close together, they can also squeak if they rub together. Adding a layer of padding in those areas where the pieces rub can quiet the squeaking. Use a soft, flexible material to add a layer of padding. Examples include socks, towels, foam, or cork.


Wax the Joints

Another option for wooden frames and slats is to wax the spots where the pieces rub together. A wax candle is an easy way to wax the joints. Rub the candle over the spots where the parts touch to create a thick layer of wax on them. You might need to reapply the wax occasionally to enjoy the quieting effect.


Pad the Floor

Sometimes, the issue can come from the way the bed touches the floor. If the floorboards aren't perfectly even or the bed frame legs are uneven, there could be squeaking. Check all of the legs to see if there's a gap. Add some padding underneath the legs to even things out and cut down on the squeaking. A bedroom area rug can add padding and beautify your space.



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