How to Clean Ground-In Dirt on Hardwood Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Bucket

  • Water

  • Vinegar

  • Baking soda

  • Nylon scrub brush

  • Cleaning mop

Clean ground-in dirt off hardwood floors with a vinegar solution.
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Hardwood floors are used in many homes to provide a durable flooring surface that lasts a lifetime, when given proper care. If a mess was made in your home, or you simply have not mopped for a long time, you need to remove the ground-in dirt that is leaving your hardwood floor looking neglected. There are commercial products designed for use on hardwood surfaces, but these often cost too much and contain chemicals. Making your own homemade cleaning solution is not only economical, but if you can use natural ingredients, it's better for your wood floors.


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Step 1

Mix 2 tablespoons white vinegar with 2 quarts warm water in a large cleaning bucket.

Step 2

Swish your mop into the mixture and wring it as dry as you can.

Step 3

Wipe the mop over your hardwood floor, using pressure as needed to get up as much residue as possible.


Step 4

Sprinkle a light coat of baking soda over the residue, which gives you a slightly gritty texture that causes no harm to the hardwood floors but assists you in removing the buildup on the floor.

Step 5

Dip a nylon scrub brush into the cleaning bucket and scrub off the residue, working the baking soda into the buildup. Continue until you have removed all the ground-in dirt.

Step 6

Wipe the floors again with the mop, repeatedly dipping the mop into the bucket and wringing it out before wiping the floor with it. Let the floor air dry.