Standard toilets found in households across the country are generally made of porcelain. While porcelain toilets will generally last many years with proper care and regular maintenance, they certainly don't last forever. When it's time for an upgrade, you will have to dispose of that old toilet. Instead of simply tossing it in the trash so it ends up in a landfill, you can actually recycle the toilet so the porcelain can be made into something new.

Toilets would take up space in landfills if not recycled.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean your porcelain toilet before you recycle it. Make sure you disinfect all surfaces.

Step 2

Remove any parts of your toilet that are not made of porcelain, such as the handle and the seat. Dispose of or recycle these parts separately.

Step 3

Contact the local recycling center in your area to see if it accepts porcelain toilets; many of them do. To find your local recycling center, call your local city, county or state government office.

Step 4

Contact your community's solid waste service provider to see if it accepts toilets, if no recycling center in your area does. Sometimes toilets left at the curb to be picked up are recycled by the dump they are taken to.

Step 5

Transport your toilet to the recycling center that will accept it, or to the curb to be picked up by your solid waste service provider.