When to Pick Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers?

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Yellow peppers.

A popular pepper for frying to serve as a side dish, Hungarian wax hot peppers are identical in appearance to their sweet counterparts, Hungarian wax sweet peppers. As with all varieties of hot peppers, you can eat them when they reach mature size while still green or yellow but can also leave them to mature to red or red-orange before picking.


Hungarian hot wax peppers mature an average of 70 days after setting out transplants. At this time, begin to harvest the ripe peppers, which will also be the first ones to have formed on the bush.


Harvest Hungarian wax peppers when their color turns from pale green to pale, lemony yellow. Check the plant every few days, as the peppers will not all mature at once.


Left on the bush, Hungarian wax peppers will turn a red-orange color as they reach full maturity, as will most varieties of hot and sweet peppers. They will have a richer flavor and the texture will be less "crisp" than those harvested while still yellow. Leave a few Hungarian wax peppers to mature to red-orange if you plan to can or pickle them, as they will make the finished product more colorful.

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