Clocky Alarm Clock Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Small screwdriver

  • 4 AAA batteries

Nanda manufactures the Clocky alarm clock to wake people who press the snooze button more than once and do not get up on time. This unusual alarm clock has wheels that turn so the clock rolls off the nightstand or counter and across the floor while the alarm is sounding. The sleeping person has to get out of the bed to find the clock and turn the alarm off.


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Step 1

Insert a small screwdriver into the screw on the battery compartment at the rear of the clock. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to loosen and remove the screw. Swing the battery compartment door open on its hinges. Insert four AAA batteries with the positive ends facing the "+" signs in the compartment. Close the battery compartment, insert the screw and turn it clockwise to lock the door.

Step 2

Press the "t" button once to set the current time. Press the "h" button to set the hour and the "m" button to set the minutes. Each press of the button advances one increment in hours and minutes. Press the "t" button to save the correct time in the clock and exit the screen.


Step 3

Press the "a" button to set the alarm time. Press the "h" button to set the hour and the "m" button to set the minutes. Press the "a" button to record the alarm time and exit the screen.

Step 4

Press the "a" button quickly two times to set the snooze time. Press the "m" button to set the snooze time from zero to nine minutes. Press the "a" button to record the snooze time and exit the screen.

Step 5

Press the alarm button on the clock face to activate the alarm. The alarm button is a picture of a bell. A light illuminates on the face to show the alarm is set.


Step 6

Press the wheels button on the clock face to turn the wheels on. An indicator glows to show that the wheels are enabled.

Step 7

Press the snooze button to reset the alarm for the amount of time set on the snooze function.

Step 8

Press the alarm button or wheels button to turn each function off.


Clocky will remain in position after the alarm rings for one press of the snooze button. The next time the alarm rings the clock will roll away if the wheels are enabled.

Choosing zero for the snooze alarm time enables Clocky to roll as soon as the alarm rings the first time.


Turn the alarm clock face to the outer edge of a bedside table for the clock to roll forward.



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