How to Kill a Rat With Peanut Butter

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Rid your home of pesky rodents with peanut butter and traps.

Rats wreak havoc when they overwhelm a home or garden. Like mice, these rodents must constantly nibble, which damages wood and electrical wiring. Even a single rat poses a problem for a home into which it crawls. You cannot simply set traps around your home and expect the rats to take the bait. Their innate suspicion of new things will keep them away, especially if they sense danger. Home methods for killing rats rely on outsmarting these intelligent rodents. By coupling peanut butter, traditional snap traps and some patience you can be rid of your rodent.


Step 1

Look around the area where you suspect a rat for gnawed holes. This indicates paths that the rat may usually take.

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Step 2

Sprinkle unscented baby powder in the area where you suspect the rat travels.

Step 3

Look for rat tracks in the powder to verify that a rat exists.


Step 4

Spread peanut butter on the trip portion of the rat trap but do not set it.

Step 5

Place the rat trap into a corner near the location you saw the rat tracks in the powder. Leave this trap in place and unset for two weeks to allow the rats to get used to the sight and smell of the trap and associate it with a feeding spot.


Step 6

Spread peanut butter over the trip switch for the rat trap and set it. Use extreme caution when setting rat traps as their larger size makes them capable of breaking a human finger.

Step 7

Wait for the rats to come and trigger the trap to close.

Set the rat trap in its former spot and wait for the rats to come and take the bait. They cannot carry away the peanut butter and will be dispatched when they feed at the set trap.



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