How to Fix Holes in a Chain Link Fence

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A chain link fence isn't much of a fence when has a hole in it, you might want to try your hand at chain link fence repair to save yourself from having to replace it. Fixing holes is easier than it seems and a lot cheaper than buying a whole new fence. Of course, if your fence is filled with holes and is all bent out of shape, a replacement may still be your best option.


Things You'll Need

Chain link replacement fences are sold in a roll at most hardware stores along with all the accessories necessary to properly repair your broken fence.

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Step 1: Remove the Broken Section

Locate the hole in your fence and find the outermost edges of the hole. Find a section of undamaged links next to the hole and follow the column of links to the top rail. With a pair of lineman's pliers, unfold the end of the fence that is bent into a hook shape at the top. Follow the same wire to the bottom of the fence and unhook the wire.


Now you can remove this wire by spiraling it out of the fence without damaging it. It is important not to damage the wire because you will need it to attach the new section of fence. Do the same on the other side of the hole and remove the broken section.

Step 2: Measure the Fence Replacement

Count the number of chain links to measure the width of the broken section. Use this number to measure out the new section of fence from the roll. Remove the section from the roll using the same method as removing the broken section. Unhook the wire ends and spiral them out of place.


Step 3: Install the New Fence Portion

Hold up the new fence portion and temporarily connect the top of the fence to the fence rail using zip ties or small pieces of wire. Suspending the chain link will make it easier to install and will prevent it from dropping out of place or bending. Using the wires removed before, weave the new piece of fence in place on each end.


Step 4: Secure the New Fence in Place

Fold the ends of the woven wires into place so that the fence is more secure. Remove the temporary ties from the top of the chain link and replace them with chain link fence ties. These ties will connect the top of the fence to the pole, securely preventing any portion of the fence from sagging.


Patching a Hole

If replacing the entire portion of broken fence seems like too large a job, consider laying a patch over the hole. Measure out a portion of new fence a little larger than the hole, and remove it from the roll. Lay it over the hole and secure it in place using fence ties, lining up the links so that the wires are each on top of the other. This does patch the hole, but does not provide a sustainable overall fix.



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