What Are the Benefits of Fish Fertilizer?

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Fish fertilizers are an all-natural way to supply an abundance of minerals and vitamins to your plants, whether you are growing roses, vegetables, fruits, ferns, or even houseplants. There are three types of fish fertilizer: fish meal, fish emulsion, and hydrolyzed fish fertilizer. Each of these has specific benefits for your plants and is a rich source of concentrated nutrients.


Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish emulsion is a half-decomposed mixture of finely ground fish. It is then dried to kill microorganisms. Although the odor is very intense and fishy, it disappears within one to two days after use. Fish emulsion contains up to 5 percent nitrogen with several trace elements that help improve soil microbes, resulting in more plant building blocks.


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Fish emulsion helps plants become stronger, healthier, and larger, with more vibrant flowers that bloom longer. With proper application, fish emulsion can result in higher crop yields, particularly in cooler climates. This is because fertilizers like manure or compost break down slowly in cooler months, whereas fish emulsion fertilizes at a steady rate. It is important to know, however, that fish emulsion that is too strong can burn plants, particularly potted plants.


Fish Meal Fertilizer

Fish meal is created from dried fish waste in which the rancid oil is removed and preservatives are added. Since this is a slow-release fertilizer with a high content of primary and secondary macronutrients, it is beneficial for leafy plants.

Fish meal is also a good source of micronutrients and provides food for good bacteria in soil, resulting in larger, stronger plant growth. Fish meal fertilizer also allows the nitrogen to latch onto the plant, not the soil, resulting in more successful fertilizing. Fish meal must be worked into the soil and then watered to soak in.


Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

This is the newest fish fertilizer product on the market. It is created from fish waste that has been diced and digested with enzymes, then acidified with phosphoric acid. The process is cold, since little heating is required, which protects the nutrients from being damaged.


This type of fish fertilizer is made from unwanted fish that are caught by accident in the fishing process. It has a lower pH than fish emulsion, so it preserves more vitamins, proteins, and micronutrients than the other two fish fertilizers.

Hydrolyzed fish has all of the main nutritional elements of a whole fish (such as amino acids, growth hormones, and micronutrients) that are chelated, so they are easy for the plant to consume. This type of fish fertilizer also has no odor and is applied as a soil drench or spray. Hydrolyzed fish works as a food source for good soil fungi.



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