How to Troubleshoot a Sunbeam Blanket

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Sunbeam electric heating products are some of the best on the market. Their range of products includes heating neck wraps, back wraps, heating pads, heating throws and heating electric blankets in various sizes. These come in a range of fabrics, sizes and colours, and can include a variety of features to fit any budget.


How to Troubleshoot a Sunbeam Blanket
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Your trusty Sunbeam blanket will keep you warm on cold winter nights while helping you cut your electricity bill. But even these reliable products occasionally run into problems. Hopefully it won't happen to you too often in the dead of the winter. But even if it does, most of the issues can be easily fixed.


Your Control Does Not Regulate Your Side of the Blanket

For dual control models, you need to make sure that each of the controls is set up to operate the correct side of the blanket. First, make sure that the control cord is securely connected to the blanket, the power cord is plugged in and the blanket is switched "on." Your user manual will tell you exactly how to set the controls correctly for your particular blanket model. The primary control, which is the one with the service label, and the remote control are each designed to operate their own side of the bed. The label on the remote control typically indicates which side of the bed it operates.


“FF” is Flashing on the Display

If the sign "FF" is flashing on your digital control or if there is blinking light on your gradient control, that means there is a problem with your blanket and it needs to be reset.

To do this, first unplug your product. Check that the control cord is connected to the module, then plug the blanket back in and turn it "on." If that does not fix the problem, Sunbeam recommends contacting them.

Your Blanket Is Not Heating Properly or Not At All

First, remember that because of the way your electric blanket operates, it may not immediately feel hot to touch when it's turned on. The blanket is designed to help you maintain your own body heat. To check if it is heating, Sunbeam recommends performing a fold test. To do this, fold the blanket as if you were about to put it away. Without unfolding it, find the controls, make sure the control is well connected to the module and plug the power cord in. Switched the blanket "on" and set it to the highest temperature. Wait about five minutes and then check between the folds if the blanket is hot.


If your blanket is not heating, it may need to be reset following the steps above. If resetting it does not fix the problem, Sunbeam recommends contacting its helpline.

Only One Side of the Blanket Is Heating

If you feel that only one side of the blanket is working, try plugging it in directly into the outlet. Don't use extension cords or power adapters. Set the temperature to the highest possible setting and keep it like this for about 20 minutes. After that, adjust it to your preferred temperature.


With dual control blankets, keep in mind which of the two controls is responsible for which side of the blanket.

If these steps don't fix your problem, unplug your product and contact Sunbeam.



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