How to Troubleshoot a Sunbeam Blanket

Sunbeam manufactures a line of heated bedding. The heated blankets and throws are designed to provide additional warmth during cold, winter nights. The blankets are powered by electricity, and most parts cannot be serviced by the consumer. Some issues can be resolved through troubleshooting. If the issue cannot be resolved, unplug the blanket, discontinue use and have it serviced.


Step 1

Fold the blanket in half three times to test it to see if it is heating properly. Plug the control cord into the module and plug the power cord into a nearby outlet. Turn the blanket to the highest setting and allow it to heat for five minutes. Feel the blanket between the folds to see if it is warm. Unplug the blanket and call for service if it does not heat.

Step 2

Reset the controls according to the directions on the tag attached to the control cord if "FF," "F1" or "F2" appears on the display. The instructions for resetting the control will vary with each model. Inspect the blanket for damage. Unplug it and reconnect the control to the module. Plug the power cord into an outlet and turn the blanket on. If the blanket does not work after resetting it several times, unplug it and call for service.

Step 3

Inspect the blanket for damage if the light on the control flashes. Follow the directions on the tag and reset it. Unplug the blanket and reconnect the control module. Plug the blanket in and turn the control on. If the blanket still does not work, attempt to reset it again. If the blanket still does not work, discontinue use. Unplug it and call for service.