The Best Height for a Chef's Prep Table

A chef's preparation table provides space for chopping, mixing and setting aside ingredients to use while cooking. The right height is crucial and depends on the height of the user.

Chopping's easier when the chef's prep table is the right height for the chef.

Average Height of a Chef Prep Table

The average chef's prep table may not be right for everyone.

A chef's prep table functions as additional counter space. The average kitchen counter height is 36 inches and so is the average chef's prep table.

Choosing the Best Height

Measure for the best chef's prep table height.

To choose the best height for a chef's prep table, measure using existing counter tops. Ideally, the chef's palms will rest flat when his arms are bent at a 45-degree angle. The chef should be able to use a knife to chop without bending over. Measure that height.

Experiment with Different Heights

Take time to choose the best chef's prep table height.

Experiment with different heights or modify an existing counter or prep table by adding height using a butcher block chopping board. Reducing height involves lowering the kitchen cabinets or, more easily, the legs of the prep table. In a kitchen with chefs of varying heights, consider offering multiple chef's prep areas.