How to Dilute Concentrated Dish Liquid

"Going green" is a phrase that means a person, family or business is reducing its contribution to harmful effects on the environment. Companies also make products that can be reused or have a longer shelf life in an effort to reduce waste. This creates a mutually beneficial situation for customers seeking to save money by purchasing fewer products and businesses looking to engage in sustainable business practices. Concentrated dish liquid is one example. The liquid requires only a small amount of detergent to clean a large number of dishes. Properly diluting your concentrated dish detergent is key to getting the best return on your money.

Concentrated dish detergent can clean up to four times the amount of standard dish liquid.

Step 1

Pour concentrated dish liquid into the squeeze bottle until it is one-third full.

Step 2

Pour water into the squeeze bottle until it is two-thirds full of water-and-soap mixture.

Step 3

Pour the solution into a dish cloth to ensure the detergent mixture is not too watery. If there is too much water, the liquid will run through the cloth, leaving no detergent behind.

Step 4

Add more detergent if the solution is too watery. If the detergent is near the consistency you want, gradually add more water, testing as you go to make sure it doesn't become too watered-down.