What Causes Lights in a House to Dim & Then Go Bright?

When the lights inside a home dim, even temporarily, the situation can cause worry and stress for the homeowner. Not all of the causes of lights malfunctioning are due to issues within the home, but some problems may require immediate attention or they can result in more serious issues, such as an electrical fire. Homeowners who notice that their lights are dimming and going bright on a frequent basis should seek help from a professional electrician to investigate the problem.


Age of the Electrical System

Some homes, especially those that are more than 100 years old, often still feature older electrical systems: older wiring, fuses, circuit breakers and the main electrical panel or fuse box. Older fuse boxes are an issue as they simply weren't built to support the electrical pull of today's modern household, which might feature more appliances, such as computers, televisions, DVD players and a plethora of other newer household appliances. Therefore, it is necessary to have the electrical system inspected for age and other normal wear and tear, which is possibly the cause of dimming lights. Older electrical systems can also result in fires, making this an urgent situation.

Loose Wiring

An experienced electrical technician at the Just Answer website states that light dimming issues are sometimes due to loose wiring within the fuse box itself. Fortunately, this is an easier fix than other issues and is accomplished by shutting off the breakers and tightening the wires to the breakers. Homeowners who are unsure of what to do or where to start should hire a professional, as handling electricity is a dangerous and deadly job if performed improperly.

Outside Sources: The Power Company

In some situations, the dimming or flickering lights are due to an outside source. Issues at the power plant can result in power surges that enter the home, which, in turn, cause the lights to dim or flicker. Furthermore, issues with electrical cables or poles, such as a car hitting a pole or a lightening strike at a substation, can also result in electrical issues for local residences. Though this may happen occasionally, report regular flickering to the electric company so it can investigate the lines entering the home as well as the meter box for any potential issues that are present.