The purpose of seasoning a Weber grill or any other manufacturer's grill is to remove contaminants from the grill. During the shipping process all kinds of dust, paint particles, dirt and cardboard can get on the grill. The grill can also sometimes smell of fresh paint. The art of seasoning cleans and prepares the surface of the grill. Seasoning gives the grill that smoky smell you desire in your food. Take the time to wash the grill down completely with soap and water before you start the seasoning process. A seasoned grill will ensure longevity and make your food tasty.

Prepare your Weber grill for great tasting barbecue.

Step 1

Remove the racks and removable trays from the Weber. Once you start the seasoning process you will need to coat the racks and trays. Wear barbecue protection gear to avoid burns. A barbecue mitt that extends to your elbow is the best protection. Keep a water bottle nearby to calm the flames when needed. Barbecue tongs and forks should be used. The tools are long and they protect you from burn accidents.

Step 2

Light your grill. If you have a charcoal Weber, burn the coals until they reach a high temperature. The Weber Performer has a built in thermometer. Allow the temperature to reach 400 degrees for seasoning. Some of the other grills do no have a temperature feature. You will need to use a grill thermometer or watch the coals until they turn grayish white ash. According to, "Weber," once they turn color, usually after 30 minutes, your grill is hot. The propane Weber will only need to be seasoned if you have cast iron grates. Set the temperature to 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Step 3

Coat each rack with vegetable oil or olive oil. To coat the rack, use a food brush or pour the oil onto paper towels and rub it on the rack. The reason you coat the racks and other parts with oil is to prevent them from rusting. This will ensure you get years of use out of your Weber grill. Replace the pieces while the grill is hot. Allow heat to make the grates piping hot. Once the grill is heated for 30 minutes you can add your food.

Step 4

Add a flavored wood like hickory, pecan or oak to your charcoal for flavor. This process smokes the grill and gives your food that desired grill taste. To bring the ultimate flavor, cut whole onions, peppers and herbs. Put them directly into your charcoal. If the grill is propane, place the vegetables on top of the grates. Put the lid down and let it smoke for ten minutes. Open the cover and remove your vegetables. Your seasoned grill is ready for grilling.