How to Troubleshoot My Mr. Coffee Maker

You can troubleshoot a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker in just a few minutes. Mr. Coffee machines have been popular for decades due to their affordability, record of dependability and overall ease of use. A Mr. Coffee unit that is regularly cleaned and properly operated consistently provides hot coffee unless something is broken. Find out what is causing the problem in a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker by performing a few simple procedures and monitoring the results.

Loading the brew basket with too much ground coffee may cause clogs.

Step 1

Squeeze the lemon wedges into the decanter before dropping them in and covering them with coarse salt. Swirl the decanter horizontally to swish the salt and lemons around the interior and strip away residue. Repeat the lemon and salt process until the decanter looks completely clean then give it a hot water rinse.

Step 2

Take apart the Mr. Coffee machine as much as possible and soak the plastic parts in soapy water and wipe them down with a soft sponge. Some Mr. Coffee units allow you to completely remove the reservoir and brew basket for cleaning.

Step 3

Put the Mr. Coffee coffeemaker back together and fill the reservoir half full with distilled white vinegar. Plug the unit in and run a normal brew cycle. Dump the decanter when the cycle completes and repeat the brewing process with another half load of vinegar until it cycles through the machine and into the decanter and is still completely clear.

Step 4

Fill the Mr. Coffee coffeemaker reservoir to the fill line with filtered water and run another brew cycle to flush out the vinegar.

Step 5

Line the brew basket with the correct size of paper coffee filter. Load the filter with enough ground coffee to brew half a pot. Slide the brew basket back into position with the sides of the basket aligned with the machine.

Step 6

Pour filtered water into the Mr. Coffee reservoir until it is half full and start the brew cycle. Position the the decanter directly under the hole in the brew basket. Monitor the brew cycle from start to finish to make sure there are no leaks or clogs.

Step 7

Lower a thermometer into the decanter when the brew cycle completes. Temperatures below 185 degrees Fahrenheit mean the Mr. Coffee is brewing too cold and not extracting the full flavor from the coffee beans. Brewing above 205 degrees Fahrenheit is almost boiling and may cause the coffee to taste more bitter or acidic.

Step 8

Clean the unit again using the distilled white vinegar flush if you are still having brewing or temperature issues. A thoroughly cleaned Mr Coffee machine that still does not work will need to be repaired or replaced at an authorized service center.

Jeffrey Brian Airman

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