How Do I Attach Items to a Stucco Exterior Wall?

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Stucco is a common exterior veneer used in residential and commercial construction. Low installation costs and extreme durability make it a desirable choice for use in most climates. Attaching items to an exterior stucco wall may be necessary during structural additions, for repairs, or for decoration. If a wall stud is not available at the desired location, the most common way to attach a fixture to a stucco wall is with toggle bolts.


Step 1

Determine the location where your item will be hung. Using the torpedo level, ensure the fixture is level. Mark connection points on the stucco.

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Step 2

Using the stud finder, determine if there is a wall stud available. If there is, drill pilot holes at the connection point markings in the stucco with the 1/8" drill bit.


Step 3

Thread the exterior grade screws through the item's hanging locations. Using the power drill fitted with a Phillips head drill bit, fasten the screws through the pilot holes in the stucco and into the wall stud--until the fixture is secure.

Step 4

If no stud is available, use the power drill with a correctly sized drill bit to drill pilot holes for each toggle bolt at the connection point markings.


Step 5

Remove the toggle nuts from the toggle bolts. Insert the toggle bolts through the hanging locations on the fixture and loosely thread the toggle nuts back onto the ends of the bolts. The flange ends on the toggle nuts should collapse toward the heads of the bolts.

Step 6

Compress the flanges on the toggle nuts and insert into the pilot holes completely.

Step 7

Tighten the bolts until the fixture is securely attached to the wall.

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