How to Move a Gutter Downspout

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A downspout moves all the water from the roof to the ground.

A gutter and downspout system works to move water away from your home, but if a downspout is installed in the wrong location, it can do more harm than good. If you need to move a downspout, it is generally better to replace the whole stretch of gutter instead of creating a new hole where water can find its way through. If replacing an entire section is not an option for you, it is possible to move the downspout and fix the hole without replacing the entire gutter.


Step 1

Unscrew the sheet metal screws holding the downspout to the downspout outlet at the top of the downspout. Some downspout systems will use pop rivets instead of screws, so simply drill a 1/8-inch hole through the middle of the rivet to destroy it.

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Step 2

Unscrew any straps holding the downspout to the wall. Pull the downspout away and set it aside. Unscrew the straps from the wall as well, as you will have to move these.


Step 3

Draw two lines on the outside of the gutter, each one about 6 inches from the downspout hole on either side.

Step 4

Cut through the gutter material with the tin snips. Use the lines to make the cut as straight as possible. Remove the gutter section after you cut it free.


Step 5

Cut a fresh piece of gutter material the exact same size as the piece you removed.

Step 6

Hold the new gutter piece in place and wrap a gutter sealer piece around one of the ends of the piece to connect it to the rest of the gutter. Attach one end of the sealer to the back of the gutter, then wrap it under the gutter and slide the lip over the lip of the gutter. Do the same thing on the other side of the replacement piece.


Step 7

Apply a stretch of gutter sealant on the inside of the gutter to completely cover the two openings where you installed the new piece.

Step 8

Move to the new gutter location and place the new gutter downspout outlet upside down underneath the gutter. If you can free your old downspout outlet, you can use that one instead, but it may not be possible to remove all of the sealant.


Step 9

Trace a circle around the bottom of the gutter downspout outlet, then remove the outlet.

Step 10

Drill a hole up through the gutter somewhere inside the oval you just drew. Place the blades of your tin snips into the hole and start to cut it out. Go around the hole with the tin snips, following the line you drew.


Step 11

Place a thick line of gutter sealant around the lip of the downspout outlet and press the outlet into the hole you created. You will be standing over the gutter now, placing the outlet through the hole so the lip rests on the inside of the gutter.

Step 12

Drill sheet metal screws through the holes in the downspout outlet and into the gutter. Most outlets have about four holes.


Step 13

Place the top of the downspout that you had set aside into the bottom of the downspout outlet. Drill sheet metal screws through the holes to hold the outlet in place. You can use a pop riveter to replace the pop rivets if you want, but sheet metal screws will work fine.

Step 14

Reattach the straps that hold the downspout to the wall. Install them in roughly the same location, then secure the downspout to the straps.

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