How to Repair a Chip in a Glass Top Stove

Although you may be able to buff out any scratches that find their way into electric glass cook tops to make them less visible, chips and deep nicks are unfortunately near impossible to fix. However, this doesn't mean you should replace the entire glass top of your induction stove right away. Attempt to buff out scratches and shallow nicks in the glass before taking on the task of installing a new top.

Some chips in glass top stoves are impossible to buff out, requiring the entire top to be replaced.

For Scratches and Nicks

Step 1

Apply a small amount of the metal polishing cream to a soft cloth and rub the affected area in small, circular patterns.

Step 2

Dampen a clean side of the cloth and wipe over the area.

Step 3

Repeat as needed.

Step 4

Apply a little more metal polishing cream to the affected area gently with the scrubbing pad, if the scratch is still visible. Avoid over-scrubbing. If the scratch or chip is still visible, it may be too deep to buff out.

To Replace the Glass Top on an Electric Range Stove

Step 5

Turn off the power.

Step 6

Remove the screws holding the front of the glass top in place.

Step 7

Lift and pull the top out from the back hinges.

Step 8

Insert the new top and screw it in place.

Step 9

Make sure there none of the wiring underneath the glass top is loose.

To Replace the Glass Top on a an Electric Cooktop

Step 10

Turn off the power.

Step 11

Open the cabinet and remove the brackets securing the cooktop in place.

Step 12

Lift the glass top out of the cabinet, carefully.

Step 13

Insert the new glass top, making sure there no wiring beneath the glass is loose or exposed.

Step 14

Secure the cooktop in place with the brackets.