How to Attach Things to Vinyl Siding

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Does your vinyl siding need a little sprucing up with some decorations or something functional like a mailbox? Before you grab your drill and screws, consider alternatives to drilling into the siding. While you can drill holes in vinyl siding, alternatives can be just as effective without creating a hole in your siding. Consider the weight limitations of various methods as well as what method will be the easiest for the item you want to attach to the vinyl siding.


Use Vinyl Siding Hooks

One easy and safe option for attaching things is with vinyl siding hooks. They're often made of stainless steel to give you a durable hook that resists rusting from outdoor moisture. The hooks vary in size and shape, so choose a design with a hook that will hold the item you want to hang securely. Check the weight limit of the hook, which usually ranges between 5 and 12 pounds per hook.


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Attaching the vinyl siding hook is simple. It's designed so the top of the hook slips under a piece of the vinyl siding. Here's how to do it:

  1. Decide on the location for the hanging item and look for the horizontal siding seam where the two pieces connect.
  2. Lift very gently on the upper piece of vinyl siding at the seam where you want to insert the hook.
  3. Hold the hook facing outward and push it under the siding. You should hear it snap in place when it's secure.
  4. Hang your item on the hook.


You can use two or more hooks for one item if needed. For example, if you're hanging a mailbox on the side of your house, you'll likely need two hooks, one for each side of the mailbox. This balances both sides of the item and holds more weight.

Stick Hooks to Vinyl Siding

Another option is to attach hooks directly to the vinyl siding. You can use suction cups and adhesive hooks. When choosing adhesive hooks or suction cup hooks, check the weight limit of the hooks to make sure they'll work for your item.


Before using a suction cup hook, clean the vinyl siding thoroughly with soap and water. Dry it off and follow up with rubbing alcohol, which also helps the suction cup stick better. Dry the siding again before wetting the suction cup and placing it on the siding.

If you prefer adhesive hooks, choose those that are designed for outdoor use and that don't leave behind adhesive. Command hooks are popular for this reason. Prepare the siding the same way as for a suction cup hook: Wash, dry, wipe with rubbing alcohol, and dry again before pressing the adhesive to the siding as indicated by the directions.


Hang a Wire Hook

An alternative is to create a wire hook using rust-resistant metal wire. Bending it into an S shape with pliers gives you the hook shape you need. You can then hang the wire hook on the vinyl soffit trim along the top of the exterior wall. If you to hang an item lower, you can tie a piece of fishing line to the hook and attach the item to the other end of the fishing line.



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