One Touch Can Opener Troubleshooting

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A screwdriver may be needed to release the can opener from a can.

The One Touch is a battery-powered can opener that opens metal cans by spinning the blade around the top edge of the can. If problems arise with the use of the One Touch, the first step that should be taken is to diagnose possible causes of the issue. Completing the troubleshooting steps can resolve the issue in most cases.


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Step 1

Install new batteries if the can opener has no power. Slide the back cover off by pulling the compartment down towards the narrow end. Remove the old batteries. Install two brand new AA batteries. Replace the cover.

Step 2

Use the reverse button if the can opener becomes jammed while opening a can. The reverse button is located at the bottom rear of the unit. Press and hold the reverse button to reverse the can opener's direction and return to the starting position.


Step 3

Use the release screw to remove the can opener if it loses battery power while attached to a can. The reverse function cannot be used if the batteries are drained. The release screw is located on the bottom of the unit on the end opposite the reverse button. Insert a screwdriver into the release screw. Twist the screw in a clockwise direction until the can is released.


Step 4

Reset the can opener after replacing batteries if the reverse screw was used. The can opener will not be able to lock onto a can until it is reset to the start position. The reset button is located under the battery compartment cover, near the wide end of the unit. Press and hold the reset button until the motor stops. The motor stops when the can opener has returned to the start position.


Step 5

Start the can opener just beyond any minor bumps or dents in the can if the unit stalls when trying to open the can. Thick seams on cans or odd can shapes can cause the unit to stall.