How to Set a Scotts Turf Builder Spreader

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Using a spreader for fertilizer will result in a beautiful lawn.

Using a Scotts Turf Builder spreader makes fertilizing your lawn fast and easy. You will be able to complete the task in much less time than doing this by hand or by using a hand-cranked spreader. There are many settings to choose from which determine the rate at which the fertilizer is spread, allowing you to choose what works best for the fertilizer you are using.


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Step 1

Read the instructions on the bag of lawn fertilizer to see what the Scotts spreader setting should be. This will vary depending on which lawn fertilizer you are using.

Step 2

Locate the dial which determines the rate at which the lawn fertilizer is spread when using the Scotts spreader. This is located on the same side as the handle. The dial is typically orange and will have numbers all the way around it from 2 to 15.

Step 3

Turn the dial clockwise for a higher setting. This is good for larger granules of fertilizer, as the opening which the lawn fertilizer will be passing through is larger. On a Scotts spreader, a high setting would be 12 or 14.


Step 4

Turn the dial counter clockwise for a lower setting. This will work well for smaller granules of fertilizer as far less lawn fertilizer will pass through. A low setting would be considered 3 or 5 on a Scotts spreader.