Troubleshooting a Karcher Electric Pressure Washer

Knowing why you're having trouble with your Karcher electric pressure washer can make the difference between an afternoon spent trying to fix the problem and an afternoon spent pressure washing. The simplest of things can keep you from pressure washing, like not making sure there's enough water pressure at the spigot you're using before connecting a garden hose to it. Paying careful attention to details will keep you pressure washing.

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Motor Won’t Start

Step 1

Make sure the unit is on. Make sure the power cord is correctly plugged into an electrical outlet. Try another outlet.

Step 2

Use a shorter extension cord if it is longer than 25 feet.

Step 3

Reset the ground fault circuit interrupter on the power cord or the breaker in the electric breaker box to the source of electricity.

Low Pressure

Step 4

Replace the garden hose that's attached to the pressure washer with a garden hose 3/4 inch in diameter or greater. Unwind or unblock the garden hose from kinks or blockage, allowing water to flow freely.

Step 5

Use a stronger-pressured water source if the water source you're using doesn't have much pressure to it.

Step 6

Inspect the water inlet filter for clogs. Take the filter off of the Karcher and clean it. Turn the spray wand to the high pressure position.

Pressure Varies

Step 7

Check the water source for adequate water pressure and the garden hose for kinks or blockage.

Step 8

Tightly secure all hoses and fittings. Turn off the machine. Squeeze the pressure washer wand gun trigger to remove air in the system. Squeeze until an uninterrupted flow of water streams from the nozzle.

Step 9

Inspect the Karcher nozzle for debris, and remove it as necessary.

No Detergent

Step 10

Properly connect the Karcher detergent suction tube.

Step 11

Dilute the Karcher detergent if it doesn't easily move through the suction tube.

Step 12

Clean the filter on the detergent suction tube if it is clogged. Turn the spray wand to the low pressure position to use detergent.


Step 13

Securely connect the garden hose, pressure washer hose and extension wand. Replace worn rubber gaskets in the hoses and wand.

Step 14

Replace a broken or cracked o-ring or plastic insert in the spray wand.

Step 15

Count how many drops of water drop from the water pump. If more than 10 drops fall per minute, check the fittings for tightness. Call Karcher for service if the fittings are tight and more than 10 drops of water fall from the pump per minute.

Step 16

Call Karcher for service if the washer leaks oil.