How to Wash Memory Foam Slippers

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Things You'll Need

  • Laundry detergent

  • Clothesline

  • Clothespins

Wash memory foam slippers to keep them clean and attractive.
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When slippers have a sole made of memory foam, they will cushion and support your feet by molding the memory foam flawlessly around the shapes of your feet, providing extra comfort to tired feet. When the time comes to wash memory foam slippers, the washing process involves standard machine washing and drying. Keep your memory foam slippers clean and attractive by washing them often and they will to look as good as they feel.


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Step 1

Place the slippers into the washing machine and add an appropriate amount of laundry detergent. Set the water temperature to cold and the agitation to gentle or low. Start the washing machine.

Step 2

Remove the slippers from the washing machine when the cycle finishes.

Step 3

Hang the slippers on a clothesline with clothespins to air dry them or place the slippers into the dryer and dry them on low heat until they dry completely.


Consult the care instructions on the tag of your slippers or on the documentation that accompanied the slippers when you purchased them and follow the instructions if possible. If you lack care instructions, proceed carefully as you wash and dry your slippers. Wash the slippers as often as they appear soiled to keep them looking attractive.