How Do I Get the Wheelbarrow Wheel Off of the Axle?

Wheelbarrow wheels will go flat and require repair or replacement just like any other tire. To get a wheelbarrow wheel off of the axle requires removing the axle from the wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows come with single and double tires. The most common wheelbarrow is the single tire wheelbarrow. Removing a double-tire wheelbarrow wheel from the axle is generally the same as removing a single tire wheelbarrow wheel.

Remove the axle to remove the wheelbarrow wheel.

Step 1

Turn the wheelbarrow upside down on a flat surface with the wheel pointing up in the air. Locate the bolts that secure the axle brackets (sometimes called axle mounts) to the wheelbarrow frame. The axle brackets hold the wheelbarrow axle to the frame.

Step 2

Remove the nuts securing the bolts with a socket wrench. If a bolt turns with the nut, grasp the head of the bolt with a pair of vise grips and hold the vise grips steady while removing the securing nut. Remove the washers from the bolts and lift the axle brackets away from the wheelbarrow frame.

Step 3

Lift the wheelbarrow wheel and axle away from the frame. Slide the spacer sleeves off the axle on each side of the wheel. Pull the axle straight out of the center of the wheelbarrow wheel.