How to Remove Silicone Spray

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A thin invisible layer of silicone spray will prevent paint from sticking.

You can remove silicone spray from most surfaces by carefully applying a strong solvent. Silicone lubricant sprays adhere to hard and soft surfaces and cannot simply be washed away with hot soapy water. Solvents break the bond between the silicone and the surface allowing it to be wiped away. Clean silicone overspray in just a few minutes with a few items you may already have in your garage.


Step 1

Pour a couple tbsp. of the solvent onto the corner of a doubled over shop towel in a well ventilated area. Protecting your hands with rubber gloves is highly recommended to prevent skin irritation.

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Step 2

Press the moistened section of the shop towel onto the silicone spray and begin rubbing all the coated areas in a tight circular motion. Large lubricant spots may require that you wet the shop towel several times with solvent to keep it moist. Allow the solvent to sit on the area for an hour.


Step 3

Switch to a clean dry shop towel. Rub the surface in tight circles, moving to a new clean spot on the towel every time an area gets damp.

Step 4

Wipe down the surface in broad swipes with a second clean dry shop towel. Inspect the surface for remaining silicone and repeat the solvent application process if necessary.

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