It is normal for kitchen cabinets to become coated in grease and grime from daily cooking and family constantly touching them when they are opened and closed. If you have white cabinets, this build up is even more noticeable and can make even a clean home look filthy. Luckily, cleaning your white cabinets and returning them to their original brilliance is easy using every day products.

Cleaning your white cabinets is easy to do.

Method One – Laminate Cabinets

Step 1

Mix together 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 gallon of warm water. Mix thoroughly to dissolve the soda.

Step 2

Dip a clean, white rag into the mixture. Wring the rag to remove excess water. You want the rag wet but not soaked.

Step 3

Rub your white cabinets. Rinse your rag as it becomes visually soiled, wringing after each rinse.

Step 4

Rinse your rag under clean running water once you have cleaned all cabinets. Wring it out. Use this clean rag to wipe cabinets a second time to remove any baking soda.

Method Two-Wood Cabinets

Step 5

Wipe each cabinet individually using a sponge soaked in warm water. Wring out excess water so it is not drenched. Use this initial wipe to remove surface residue.

Step 6

Apply a wood cleaning product to a terry cloth rag. If you are using a spray cleaner, use four squirts per cabinet. If you are using a pour cleaner, use a nickel-sized amount.

Step 7

Rub cabinets with the cleaner. Start at the top and work down. Rub from left to right using straight lines. Do not forget to focus on corners and any crevices.

Step 8

Use a sponge dipped in clean water to wipe the cabinet in the same manner as you did in the prior step to prevent build up of cleaner.

Step 9

Dry thoroughly with a clean terry cloth rag.