How to Use a Craftsman Wet Vac

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Clean up liquid spills with your vacuum.

Craftsman wet and dry vacuums are versatile and easy to use. You can use them like a normal home vacuum, but they're suitable for professional work spaces. To use a Craftsman vacuum in wet conditions, learn a few quick and easy steps to get the best performance. The process only takes a few minutes and does not require any tools.


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Step 1

Unlock the top of the motor from the top of the Craftsman vacuum by popping up the locks behind the handles. This will give you access to the filter under the motor.

Step 2

Pull the motor off the top of the vacuum. The filter is connected to the underside.

Step 3

Pull the filter out of the connector with your hands and take it out of the vacuum. Place it aside in a clean area.

Step 4

Place the motor back on the vacuum and snap the handles back into position.


Step 5

Vacuum up the liquid. Drain the vacuum when the motor shuts off; this is a built-in mechanism that will alert you when liquid is nearing the motor and must be drained. Take the motor off and pour out the liquid. Place the motor on the vacuum again and continue to vacuum until the job is done.


If you are only vacuuming up a tiny bit of liquid, you do not need to remove the filter.