How to Clean the Filter on a Kenmore Ultra Wash

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Clean the filters for your Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher by holding them under running water.

If your Sears Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher appears to be functioning properly and your dishes are not coming out of the dishwasher as clean as they should be, then you need to remove and clean your filters. The Ultra Wash filter assembly consists of an upper filter and a lower filter. These filters are supposed to be self-cleaning, but often after heavy use the filters can become clogged making it difficult for the dishwasher to clean your dishes properly.


Step 1

Locate the upper filter assembly on the bottom of your Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher. Turn the upper filter one-quarter turn counterclockwise to release it and lift it out of the dishwasher base.

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Step 2

Take hold of the lower filter in the round opening, lift it up and pull it toward you to remove it from the dishwasher base.


Step 3

Hold the filters under running water until they are clean. Use a soft brush to remove food particles or calcium deposits.

Step 4

Put the lower filter underneath the locating tabs in the base of the dishwasher so that the opening for the upper filter assembly is lined up with the opening at the bottom of the tub.

Step 5

Place the upper filter assembly into the lower filter's round opening. Turn the upper filter clockwise until it locks into place.



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