When working with electronic equipment or with electrical wiring, it may from time to time become necessary to splice or join wires together. Splices and joints are essentially the same thing. Several different methods of doing this exist. The fundamental necessities of an effective splice include making sure the wires are securely fastened to each other even without solder and that they are well-soldered to avoid corrosion. All wire joints must also be taped with electrical tape after soldering.

A few methods exist for connecting two pieces of electrical wire.

Western Union Splice

The Western Union splice works best to splice together small, solid conductors. It is the most common type of wire splice. To make the Western Union splice, first remove about five inches of insulation from both wires and cross the exposed wires. Wrap one wire around the other five or six times, and then do the same with the other. Cut the excess wires off and pinch the ends down with pliers. Solder the joint together and wrap tape around it.

Tap Splice

A tap splice, also called a tap joint, is used to connect a conductor to a running wire. To make a tap splice, strip about 1½ inches off the running wire. Take the connecting wire and wrap it once around the running wire. Now wrap the end of the wire through the loop you just made. Then wrap the connecting wire around the running wire about six times. Make sure the wire points away from the original turn. Solder the joint and wrap tape around it.

Fixture Splice

Fixture splices, or fixture joints, are used to connect wires of different sizes. This joint requires five inches of insulation stripped off the wire. Hold the wires together and then twist them a few times with a pair of pliers. Both wires must twist for the joint to be tight. Cut both ends of wire so that they are the same length, and then take the twisted joint and bend it so that it lines up with the wires. Take the cut ends and extend them perpendicular to the wire and the twisted portion. Wrap these two ends in the same direction as the twist. Solder the joint together and wrap tape around it.