How to Fully Inflate a Sleep Number Bed With a Toggle

The Select Comfort Company, formed in 1987, started selling their Sleep Number beds out of retail stores in 1992; since then, business has boomed for one reason: when you make a product that lives up to the hype and people like it, people will buy it. Known not only for their comfort (achieved through an adjustable air mattress), Sleep Number beds also have an excellent reputation for durability and should last a minimum or seven years. Also, as they are inflatable, you need not worry about dust mites, and bedbugs find it hard to make a living in a Select Comfort bed.

The pros of owning an adjustable mattress far outweigh the cons.

Step 1

Hold the remote control (toggle) in the upright position, with the power cord pointing downward.

Step 2

Press the "Firmer" button (the top button) and hold. For dual-chamber beds (c3 and c4 models), first press the direction button (the two in the center, shaped like arrowheads) to indicate which chamber—or side of the bed—to fill.

Step 3

Release the button when the "Sleep Number" readout displays the number 100; this is the maximum firmness level.

Step 4

Release the button when the sound of the pump motor begins to rise in pitch for beds lacking the "Sleep Number" display (c2 models); the mattress has inflated as much as possible and the pump motor will vent the excess air to prevent the mattress from exploding.