How to Find Out Who Owns a Property for Free

You don't have to hire a private investigator to find out the current owner of a piece of land property. This type of property information is readily available—you just have to know where to look. Checking property tax records or performing a deed search are good places to start. The good news is retrieving a current record of a property tax assessment or performing a deed search can generally be done online at no cost. You don't necessarily have to check both property tax and deed records to find the owner of a property. You can choose one.

Town record offices house property information

Finding Out Who Owns a Property Using Property Tax Records

Step 1

Go to the tax assessment website for the town where the mystery property is located. You can use NETRoline Public Records for help with locating the assessor website for your town. Select the state where the property is located. Then select the appropriate township. If the tax assessment office for the town you've selected has an online property search database, a link will be provided next to the information listed for "Assessor." Follow the link.

Step 2

Enter the street number of the mystery property, and the street name of the mystery property in the appropriate fields provided on the tax assessment property search page.

Step 3

Click search. Among the listed information about the property will be the name of the current owner as of the most recent tax billing.

Finding Out Who Owns a Property through a Deed Search

Step 4

Go to the Registry of Deeds website for the state and county where your mystery property is located.

Step 5

Perform a property search. Enter the street number and street address of the mystery property in the appropriate fields.

Step 6

Select the most recent deed on file. The deed will list the current owner of the property in addition to who the home was purchased from.