How to Remove Scratches From a Stainless Steel Watch

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A stainless steel watch can get scratches on it just like a gold or titanium watch. Besides the metal getting scratched, the watch crystal can become marred too. There are various types of scratches, including light to moderate scratches as well as deep gouges. When it comes to light to moderate scratches, you can most likely remove those with a good-quality metal polish. If the watch crystal is made of acrylic, you can polish it to remove scratches.


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How to Remove Light Scratches From a Watch

Step 1: Read the Polish Instructions

Read and follow the directions and warnings on the polish container to achieve the best results.


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Step 2: Apply Metal Polish

Hold the stainless steel watch firmly in one hand with the reverse side up. Apply a small amount of the metal polish on the applicator pad or use a clean, soft cloth.


Step 3: Rub the Polish in Circular Motions

Rub the polish on the scratches on the band in a gentle manner. Rub it on in a small, circular motion to make it easier to apply. Continue to polish the stainless steel watch until the scratches disappear.


Step 4: Apply More Polish as Needed

Apply more metal polish to the pad or cloth if necessary. When you're finished with one area, move down the watch band to the next section. When you're finished, use a clean cloth to buff the stainless steel to a shine. Rubbing it with a fresh cloth will also remove any excess polish.


Step 5: Repeat on the Front of the Watch

Turn the watch over and repeat the process to remove the scratches from the front. When you're finished, you can also polish the watch crystal in the same manner. Just make sure the polish is suitable for the material from which the crystal is made.


How to Remove Deeper Scratches

If your watch has scratches that are deeper than surface level and trickier to get out, you'll need a scouring pad or scrubbing sponge, white vinegar, and cooking oil to get it looking brand new.

To remove the deep scratches, add a few drops of oil either alone or mixed with a few drops of white vinegar to the scouring pad or scrubbing sponge. Using moderate pressure and a firm grip, use the sponge or scouring pad to add the oil onto the watch, never going against the grain. Work the oil into areas bordering the scratch to create a more consistent look.


Survey your work and repeat on different areas of the watch as necessary. Once you're happy with the results, remove the excess oil with a clean microfiber towel.



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