Stucco can be applied to a cinder block wall to give it a finished look with texture, pattern and color. A cinder block wall can be sufficiently covered using one scratch coat and a finish coat for a total stucco thickness of one-half inch. You can choose from a variety of patterns and finishes or you can create your own. Add color to stucco to match your house or to create any decorative color.

Apply stucco to a cinder block wall for a finished look.

Step 1

Use a power sprayer attachment on a hose to wash the wall with detergent, and rinse it clean. Take special care to remove any oil spots on the cinder blocks. Let the wall dry thoroughly overnight. Use a paint brush or paint spray gun to apply an even coat of bonding agent to the entire wall. Let it dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Fill your hawk (flat tray with a handle) with stucco using a trowel. Place the hawk against the wall, and scoop stucco on the wall with a trowel to make the scratch coat. Spread the stucco on the wall with a sweeping motion until the wall is covered with an even layer ¼-inch thick. Use pressure to force the stucco into the pores of the cinder block to create a strong bond in the scratch coat. Give the scratch coat 3 to 4 hours of drying time before you use a stucco scratch rake to score the scratch coat. Rake in any direction you want.

Step 3

Allow the scratch coat to dry for 2 to 3 days. Mist the scratch coat several times a day with a spray bottle filled with water. Keep the scratch moist during drying.

Step 4

Fill your hawk with stucco using a trowel, and apply a second coat of stucco ¼-inch thick. Coat the entire wall evenly. Smooth corners and edges with a putty knife.

Step 5

Use a trowel, broom, or float to make a pattern on the final layer of stucco. Common patterns are swirls made with a trowel or float, stippling (patting the stucco with the ends of broom bristles), waves using a sweeping broom or create a smooth surface with a wet sponge. Make imprints on the wet stucco with hands, plastic cup for circles, or anything that will make an interesting design.

Step 6

Mist the final coat several times a day with a spray bottle filled with water during curing.