A small hole in a glass window usually means someone with a BB gun was pointing and shooting it in the wrong direction. The hole is round and perfect and doesn't look that bad. At least not bad enough to pay a glass specialist or a window repairman to fix it. Besides, if you put in an insurance claim for the damage, your rates will probably go up. Consider a quick, simple way to fix the hole.

Sonetimes you can easily repair a small hole in a glass window pane.

Step 1

Purchase a fresh bottle of clear fingernail polish.

Step 2

Dab some nail polish in the hole in the glass with the brush, and let it dry completely.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 until the layers of hardened fingernail polish are even with the surface of the glass on both sides. Don't rush the drying time between consecutive layers of polish. If the hole is filled properly, it should be invisible to the eye.