How to Put a Swivel on a Recliner

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood base, approximately 24 by 24 inches

  • Wood screws

  • Power drill

  • Circular base chair swivel

Nothing says relaxation after a long day like your recliner--especially if it swivels.

Recliners are a source of comfort after a long work day, or tedious day at school. Some have lower footrests that fold out as you recline, others come with matching ottomans at an additional cost. Ever popular, some recliners only recline, and are unable to be turned from left to right. According to National Public Radio's report on "The Recliner," "Propelled by sales to baby boomers, 'motion furniture' is now a $4 billion industry." If you wish to make your recliner swivel and save money instead of purchasing a new recliner, a special hardware option will create this effect for you.


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Step 1

Tip the recliner over on to a flat, steady surface such as a table. Ask an assistant to hold the recliner securely in place.

Step 2

Place the wood base in the middle of the recliner bottom. Attach the base to the bottom, using wood screws and a power drill.

Step 3

Place the circular base chair swivel approximately in the middle of the wooden base. Screw the swivel into place, using wood screws and a power drill through the pre-drilled holes in the metal of the swivel circle.

Step 4

Tip the recliner back over with the help of your assistant and place where desired in your room.


Measure twice and cut once to create the wooden base. Check with your local lumber supplier, and have a rough cut made for a few dollars if you do not have access to a circular saw.

The bottom of your recliner will now be perched slightly higher than it was before, because of the placement of the circular swivel. Double-check to make sure the legs of your recliner will allow for the chair to properly swivel from side to side. If it drags on the floor, you may need to trim down the length of the legs to allow for enough clearance.


Enlist the help of an assistant for a project requiring the lifting or tipping of a heavy object such as a piece of furniture.