How to Make Keyhole Slots With a Drill

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You can drill keyholes easily if you have a steady hand.

When making coat racks, doors or other interior items for your home, it can help to make keyholes with a drill bit. It can be difficult to make the keyholes straight, but it can be done with a router and a steady hand.


Step 1

Mark the keyhole in the center of the piece of wood you are using. Draw layout lines to indicate the ends of the router.

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Step 2

Clamp wood to the layout lines to keep the wood steady as you drill with the router.

Step 3

Put a square bit into the router. Attach a fence to the router to control how long the slot you drill will be.


Step 4

Put the router against the wood, and turn it on. It will slide until it hits the fence, drilling a slot as it goes. Turn the router off, and wait for it to completely stop before removing it from the wood.

Step 5

Repeat the procedure for each keyhole you need to drill.

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