How to Clean Pots & Pans With Bleach

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Cleaning pots and pans with bleach can kill harmful bacteria.

Cleaning your pots and pans with chlorine bleach can kill a number of harmful bacteria, including staphylococcus and E. coli. However, not all pots and pans can be exposed to bleach without it damaging the surface. Before you wash your pots and pans in a bleach and water solution, read the manufacturers' care instructions.


Step 1

Fill the sink with hot to warm water. Make sure you can safely touch the water without it burning your skin.

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Step 2

Add two tablespoons of chlorine bleach to the dishwater.

Step 3

Put on a pair of sturdy rubber kitchen gloves and mix the bleach thoroughly into the water.


Step 4

Lower pots into the water one at a time, cleaning them with a soft washcloth or plastic scrubber. Immersing them one at a time is important, as many pots and pans may tarnish if allowed to soak too long in the bleach and water mixture.

Step 5

Rinse pots completely and allow them to air-dry.



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