How to Wire a Ceiling Fan to Plug Into a Wall

Installing a temporary ceiling fan in a location such as an apartment can present certain challenges. Rather than hard-wire the unit into the house wiring system, it will be easier and less destructive to have the ceiling fan plug into a wall outlet. This can be accomplished with minimal cost, and very little time.

A ceiling fan can be plugged into a wall outlet.

Step 1

Locate the electrical wires on the fan. Prior to mounting the fan you must make all wire connections. There will be a minimum of three wires coming from the fan: a power supply, neutral and a ground. If there is a light kit, there may be additional wires, but they should be the same combination..

Step 2

Connect the fan wires to the swag wiring kit. The wiring kit should have three wires: black, white and green. The green wire is your ground and in many applications it is left bare. Connect the ground wire from the swag to the ground wire(s) from the ceiling fan. Use a wire nut to secure these wires together. Make certain the wire nut is firmly in place.

Step 3

Secure the remaining wires. The black wire will be your power supply, and the white will be the neutral. In some instances, the black wire can be replaced with a red wire. Connect all neutral wires from the fan to the neutral line in the swag kit. Do the same with the power-supply lines. Secure these with wire nuts, making certain no bare wire is showing from beneath the wire nut.

Step 4

Tuck the wiring into the fan housing, being certain not to place it near any moving parts. Finish mounting the fan as instructed in the owner's manual. This may require you to attach the hanger bracket directly to a ceiling joist. Do not plug in the power cord until all installation is completed.

Step 5

Anchor the swag wiring to the ceiling approximately every 3 to 5 feet. Allow the swag wiring to hang down the wall directly in line with a wall outlet. Double-check to make certain the swag wire is securely held in place and is well above the fan blades. Plug in the power and turn on the fan to test operation.