How to Set the Regeneration Cycle on a Culligan Water Softener

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Water softeners remove residue from drinking water.

Water softeners, or filters, remove minerals like limestone and iron that may be in your water supply. The system cleans itself by regenerating—flushing sediment out of the basin and down the drain, then pulling more brine from the salt storage tank.


The regeneration cycle for water softener systems is based on the hardness (amount of limestone) of the water. The technician who installs the softener will calculate how often the system needs to be regenerated and program it to run on a regular basis—typically when the water hardness is at 50 to 75 percent—but you can manually reset the system.

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Step 1

Follow the instructions in the owner's manual to reset the time (if necessary). Check that the display says "tor" for Time of Regeneration. The system defaults to 2:00 a.m. unless a time had previously been scheduled.


Step 2

Press "+" or "-" to change the regeneration time in half hour increments. Then press the Status button to save the new time.

Step 3

Choose the number of days between regeneration cycles. When the display reads "DAYS", press "+" or "-" to adjust, then press Status to save your new settings.


Step 4

Change the hardness setting by pressing "+" or "-" when "HARD" appears on the display. Then press Status to save the new settings. The hardness setting monitors the amount of minerals in the incoming water supply and adjusts the system to properly maintain the desired water softness.

Step 5

Change the iron setting by pressing "+" or "-" when "IRON" appears on the display, then press Status to save the new settings. The iron setting tells the softener system how much iron is in the incoming water supply.


Step 6

Override the schedule by pressing the the regen button for five seconds to start the regeneration process immediately. You should hear the motor start to turn.

If the system is in delay mode, press and release the regen button to schedule a delayed regeneration cycle. Press again to turn it off.



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