How to Repair a Chip in a Ceramic Cooktop

Ceramic cooktops are becoming more popular, but they are delicate and can be easily chipped or cracked when moving. They can also become easily scratched when sliding dishes on the surface, or damaged by using the wrong kinds of cookware. Ceramic repair kits are available at home improvement centers and have simple and clear instructions to help in fixing the cooktop yourself.

Steel wool
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Repairing With Chipped Ceramic Piece

Step 1

Clean and dry the chipped area that needs repairing. This will prepare the surface for adhering the chipped piece.

Step 2

Use ceramic epoxy adhesive to glue the piece back into place. This type of adhesive will repair the chip and work well with the high temperatures.

Step 3

Apply pressure and hold the piece in place for a couple of minutes to allow the adhesive to set.

Step 4

Protect with a ceramic sealer once the replaced piece has had a chance to adhere.

Step 5

Let dry for 24 hours before using the cooktop.

Repairing Without the Chipped Piece

Step 6

Clean and dry the area to be repaired.

Step 7

Mix filling compound from the ceramic repair kit. Follow the provided instructions for mixing.

Step 8

Use a flat edged tool to spackle the filler compound into the chipped or cracked area. Let the filler compound dry.

Step 9

Smooth any rough spots with steel wool.

Step 10

Wipe the area to remove any dust or debris.

Step 11

Seal the repaired area and allow to dry.