How to Adjust the Salt Setting on a Culligan Water Softener

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Water softeners are useful for homes in a hard water area. They remove minerals from municipal and well water, saving appliances and fixtures such as dishwashers, clothes washers, faucets and toilets, as well as making the water feel very good to the consumer. The salt usage for a water softener is dictated by hardness of water, number of people in the household, and water consumption. Culligan is a major manufacturer of water softeners and provider of water softener services. Here is how to set the salt dosage on the Culligan Medalist line of household water softeners.


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Step 1

Press the Setup/Enter key on the control panel of the Culligan Medalist water softener. The first setting on the LED screen is "tod," indicating the Time of Day setting.

Step 2

Press the Setup/Enter key to scroll through the options on the menu until you see "SLtP." The screen will show for two seconds then display the default measurement or the measurement set previously, perhaps by the installation service technician. This indicates the setting for salt dosage in pounds. Water softeners set to metric measurements will display "SLtG" for two seconds before displaying a dosage in kilograms.


Step 3

Press the + (plus) or – (minus) key on the control panel of the water softener to adjust the salt dosage up or down. If your water is not soft enough, adjust it to a higher number. If your water is too soft, adjust it to a lower number.

Step 4

Press the Status key on the control panel to save the setting. Continue to scroll through the menu items until you see a blank LED screen.

Step 5

Press Status key once more to exit programming mode.


You may have to experiment a little to find the right setting for your household. Give the water softener a few days between adjustments to see if the new setting is what you want.


These instructions are for the Culligan Medalist line of water softeners. If you have a different model, see the Culligan website or an authorized Culligan service technician for specific instructions.

There is also a Salt Economizer setting on Culligan water softeners that is set by the service technician during installation. Contact Culligan if you have questions about this setting.


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