How to Find Out What Builder Built a House

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Admiring the style and architecture of a home may inspire you to discover who the builder was. Perhaps you are considering custom building a home and would like to interview different contractors for the job or simply are intrigued by the design and workmanship of the home. Use several simple investigative techniques to learn who built a home in just a few days.


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Step 1

Knock on the door. Ask the current resident or homeowner who the builder is. Leave a note on the door with your name, phone number and information concerning who the builder is for the home. Visit with any neighbors who are outdoors and see if they may provide any answers. Look for homes with similar architecture and styling—perhaps they were built by the same construction company.


Step 2

Research the title of the home. Look online at the property appraiser or property assessor's website for the designated county. Enter the address for the home. Look on the listing to see who the first owner of the property was. Visit the county courthouse's land records department if online information is not available.


Step 3

Investigate paperwork attached to items such as the furnace, air conditioning unit or other structures in the home. Look for the builder's name or construction company. If a subcontractor is listed who performed the installation, call the company to see if they recall who the builder of the home is.

Step 4

Call or visit the county building permit department. Ask for the name of the company or person who filed the original construction permit.


Most permit and landownership information is public record. Visit the home during the weekend or during evening hours when residents are more likely to be home. A person is more likely to answer the door during daylight hours than when it is dark.