How to Install the Floor Brackets Over Carpeting on Sliding Closet Doors

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Things You'll Need

  • Black fine-point marker

  • 10 wood screws, 1/2 inch longer than screws included with door kit

  • Drill with appropriate bit

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If you're remodeling your closet and installing sliding doors, you may be concerned when it comes to installing the bottom brackets on your carpeting. Sliding doors can be confusing to install on carpet, because instead of small corner brackets they typically are installed with track brackets that run the width of the closet opening. You'll be relieved to learn it's not as complicated as it looks; you'll be able to install that bracket within minutes.


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Step 1

Align the bracket track on the floor as per sliding door installation instructions; typically, the top door rail is installed and the doors hung to find the exact positioning of the floor bracket.

Step 2

Mark the screw-hole locations through the track, using a black fine-point marker to mark the spots on the carpet.


Step 3

Drill starter holes through the carpeting, pad and subfloor, using a drill bit size recommended by the door installation instructions or one size smaller than the screws. A few carpet fibers will stick to the drill bit; pull them off after drilling each hole.

Step 4

Secure the bracket track to the subfloor by screwing loosely into place, using screws that are 1/2 inch longer than those that came with the sliding doors.

Step 5

Tighten down the screws uniformly. The bracket track will now be installed solidly to the carpeted floor and will not shift.