How to Change a Light Bulb in a Shower Ceiling

When the light bulb in a shower ceiling goes out, many homeowners assume they can grab a stepladder and quickly change out the bulb. They often are surprised by the confusing recessed lighting fixture they find overhead. It displays no visible screws, and the frosted lens doesn't seem to budge when prodded. But once you know how a torsion lighting fixture works, changing the bulb is a simple process.

credit: hirun/iStock/Getty Images
Overhead shower lights are secured within a recessed fixture.

Step 1

Turn off the shower light at the light switch.

Step 2

Place a rug with a rubber backing in the shower stall for secure footing. Place the step stool on top of the rug.

Step 3

Insert a plastic putty knife between the outside rim of the light fixture and the ceiling. Be careful not to scrape the finish off the ceiling when inserting the blade.

Step 4

Pry the fixture cover away from the ceiling with the putty knife. The fixture cover includes a translucent plastic lens within a metal rim. The cover is held in place by torsion springs, so it will be resistant to release. Apply careful pressure until the cover pops off.

Step 5

Remove the old light bulb, and replace it with a similar bulb.

Step 6

Press the cover back in place. The torsion springs will click into place when you press the cover into the ceiling.