How to Clean Olive Oil Bottles

Olive oil bottles are ideal to reuse for crafts, homemade dressings and other household purposes. You have to get all of the oil residue out of the bottles before you can reuse them, though. With hot, soapy water and a bottle brush, the olive oil residue doesn't stand a chance.

Olive oil in bottles
credit: FikMik/iStock/Getty Images
Olive oil bottles come in all shapes and sizes.

Cleaning Olive Oil Bottles

Add a couple drops of grease-fighting dish soap to each empty bottle to help remove the olive oil residue. Fill the bottles halfway with the hottest water that your sink can produce and then begin scrubbing the sides with a bottle brush. Scrub all exposed surfaces with the bottle brush before dumping the water out and rinsing the bottles. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to remove the oily residue and then dry the bottles by setting them upside down in a dish rack.

Improvising Without a Bottle Brush

If you don't have a bottle brush or the bottle's opening is too small for your brush, add a few drops of grease-fighting dish soap to each bottle and then fill it three-quarters full with hot water. Secure the lids and shake each bottle vigorously for several minutes. Rinse and repeat the shaking process as many times as necessary to completely clean the bottles. If the oil isn't coming loose, add a splash of vinegar to the soapy water to help cut through the oil while you shake the bottles. Another method is to use a little dish soap, about a tablespoon of uncooked rice and hot water; shake the bottles vigorously, empty them and rinse thoroughly.