How to Remove Caulking From Clothes

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When sealing a bathtub or shower, you want caulk to stick firmly and securely to the surface. When you accidentally get some on your clothes, however, all you want is for it to be easily removed. Unfortunately, caulk can be one of the most stubborn materials to remove from clothing, as it seeps into the fibers of the clothing and seals itself there. Certain in-home methods can aid you in removing that stubborn stain from your clothing.


Step 1

Run your clothing through a regular washing cycle in your washing machine with standard detergent. If the clothing is white, add bleach for extra washing power. New caulk stains or ones that have not completely dried may come off with a normal wash.


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Step 2

Scrape the stain from the clothing with scissors. Be careful not to cut yourself or the clothing.


Step 3

Hold an ice cube in place over the stain until it freezes; you can also wet the stain with water and then place the whole garment into the freezer. Once frozen, the caulk will loosen and can be pulled off.


Step 4

Purchase a chemical cleaner, such as Goof Off Stain Remover, to clean the clothing. Follow all instructions and warnings supplied by the manufacturer to ensure proper cleaning.



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