Homemade Fly Bait

Fly baits are available in grocery and hardware stores, among others, but often store-bought fly traps are expensive and work no better than homemade fly bait. With a few simple ingredients, you can make fly bait using items already in your kitchen pantry.

Extreme close-up of a flying house fly
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Sugar and Soap

sugar and soap make an effective fly bait trap

A mix of sugar and liquid dish soap is a highly effective bait trap. Pour 1/2 cup of water into a small dish, stir in two spoonfuls of sugar, then add six drops of liquid dish soap. The sugar attracts the flies while the soap greases their wings, preventing them from getting away. Flies eventually drown in the bait bowl. This works especially well for fruit flies, and since it is essentially odorless, it can be placed anywhere in the home.

Vinegar and Sugar

vinegar and sugar make an effective fly bait trap

A vinegar and sugar mixture also attracts and kills flies. Pour one cup of vinegar into a bowl and add two spoonfuls of sugar. Add an optional piece of fruit such as a sliced orange or banana peel as extra bait. When the fly moves in on the fruit, the vinegar and sugar combination makes its wings sticky and prevents its escape. It will eventually die in the bait trap.

Syrup and Vinegar

syrup and vinegar make an effective fly bait trap

Pour a cup of syrup or molasses into a container and add a cup of vinegar. Place the mixture outdoors in areas where flies are a problem. The sweet smell of syrup attracts the flies and the stickiness weighs down their wings, preventing them from escaping.