Liquid-Plumr Vs. Drano

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There are a variety of products on the market that remove drain clogs, but two of the best-known brands are Liquid-Plumr, a part of the Clorox Co., and Drano, a product line manufactured by S.C. Johnson and Co. Each has its own line of products to deal with any type of drain clog, but are distinctly different in terms of the claims they make and the types of products they offer. The chemicals in each are remarkably similar.


Liquid-Plumr Regular Strength clog remover claims that it is the oldest product still in the market for drain-clog removal. The company claims that it has been removing clogs for over 35 years. Similar in formulation, Liquid-Plumr Professional Strength Kitchen cleaner works in the same way as its predecessor. Both are liquids that are slowly poured down the drain and then flushed with hot water. Both products contain the active chemicals of sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite.

Drano Liquid

Drano Liquid is reported by the manufacturer to be safe to use on all pipes. The company states that, in its original form, Drano has been on the market for over 20 years. The directions are similar to Liquid-Plumr. Pour an amount down the drain, allow to sit, and flush with hot water, repeating the process if necessary. Drano Liquid contains three active ingredients--sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and sodium hypochlorite

Gel Clog Removers

Liquid-Plumr Gel Clog Remover was created to cut through standing water and eliminate drain clogs that may be the cause of standing water. The time needed to eliminate clogs is substantially longer than the original formulation of Liquid-Plumr. Liquid-Plumr Gel contains the same active ingredients as its liquid counterparts.

The Drano line of products offers a similar product, Max Gel Clog Removal, which the company claims is over 50 percent thicker than Liquid-Plumr gel, thus making it more effective. Max Gel Clog Remover contains the same active ingredients as its liquid counterpart, with the addition of "unspecified surfectants."

Foaming Products

Drano brand Dual Force Foamer is a product that conforms to the shape of the pipe to grab every bit of grime that is present, something that gel and liquid cleaners cannot do. It requires one hour to stand before being rinsed with hot water. The foamer contains similar ingredients to its liquid and gel coutnerparts, with the addition of myristyl dimethyl amine oxide.

Liquid-Plumr offers a similar product, Liquid-Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake. It works in the same manner as Drano's Dual Force Foamer. Liquid-Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake contains the same ingredients as it's liquid and gel counterparts, as well as hydrogen peroxide.

Drano Kitchen Crystals

Drano brand Kitchen Crystals are formulated to work specifically on grease clogs. Pour the crystals down the drain, and cold water reacts with the chemical components to create a foaming or boiling action. After 15 minutes, the drain should be rinsed again with cold water. The manufacturers do not recommend a second application, opting instead to tell the consumer to consult a professional plumber. Drano Kitchen Crystals contain sodium hydroxide, aluminum, sodium nitrate and sodium chloride.

Liquid-Plumr Power Jet

Liquid-Plumr brand Power Jet is a product that uses pressurized air and liquids that the company claims contain no harsh chemicals to eliminate clogs in drains. The bottle is fitted over the drain, and, when pressed down, releases the air and liquid into the drain at a high speed. The container holds only one application, which the company claims eliminates clogs in under three seconds. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' material safety data sheet for this product confirms that there are no hazardous liquids in the product.

Drano Prevention

Drano Prevention is a product that is designed for maintenance use on kitchen and bathroom drains. Run hot water through the drain, and then pour the recommended amount of Drano Prevention into the pipe. Allow a small bit of warm water to flow into the drain, and let the product sit for six to eight hours. Drano Prevention is an enzymatic product, which means that the active ingredient literally eats away at the buildup that is clogging the drain. Drano Prevention can be used in toilets, unlike any of the other products from either Liquid-Plumr or Drano. The active ingredients in Drano Prevention are deionized water and bacterial cultures.


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