How to Attach a Wooden Railing to a Concrete Porch

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Things You'll Need

  • Galvanized bolt-down post holder with 4- to 6-inch sleeves

  • Concrete drill bit

  • Hammer drill

  • Lag bolts and washers for each post holder (each one normally has four holes)

Attach a Wooden Railing to a Concrete Porch
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Attaching a wooden railing to a concrete porch adds a touch of elegance. Many people are choosing wooden railings over iron because wood does not rust and it's easy to remove or replace. It's an easy project that you should be able to finish in less than a day.


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Step 1

Measure on the concrete where each post will be placed. Have someone hold the railing on the porch, then mark where the posts will go. Mark each corner of each post to determine the center for the bolt-down post holders.

Step 2

Place the bolt-down post holders on the concrete. Line up the post holders with the corner marks you made for each post.


Step 3

Mark each hole on the post holder. There should be two to four holes that will need to be drilled.

Step 4

Make the holes in the concrete with a hammer drill and bit. Use a bit that is the size of the lag bolts that will secure the post holders to the base.


Step 5

Secure each post holder with a socket wrench. Make sure the bolts are tight and use a washer between the bracket and the lag bolt.


Step 6

Place the railing posts in the post holders and the railing is secure.


Bolt-down post holders aren't limited to patios. They can be used for fences that cross concrete sidewalks or driveways.