How to Get Rid of Ants Fast

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Most people know the anguish that an ant problem within their home can cause. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of ants fast. The following steps will provide you with the most effective ways to get rid of ants.


Step 1


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Perhaps one of the most effective ways to deal with an ant problem, is to prevent it all together. You can prevent an ant problem by making sure not to leave food out and by emptying your trash regularly.

Step 2

Make Your Own Ant Spray


Poor 1/2 a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle containing 1 cup of water. Spray the mixture on ants directly or pour over ant hills. A simple alternative to this spray is, soapy water or watered down dish washing detergent. Direct contact with either of these sprays will kill ants almost instantly.

Step 3

Ant Trails


Get together some Cheyenne Pepper powder or Boric Acid powder and lightly sprinkle it along the ant trail for as long as you can follow it. Ants will have a quick fatal reaction to both of these powders.

Step 4

Purchase Ant Poison Stakes


Head down to the store and pick up a package of ant stakes. These are basically small squares of plastic that contains ant bait with poison in it. Ants crawl in to them, take the bait, and carry it back to their nest/queen. This helps get rid of the colony of ants that are evading your home.

Step 5

Make Your Own Ant Bait


Place a dab of jelly on a small square of cardboard or plastic. Sprinkle on about 1/4 teaspoon of Boric Acid and place it near the main source of ants i.e. hill or trail. Ants will take the baited jelly back to their colony and give it to their queen. This will help get rid of the ant colony.

Note: Be sure to keep this bait out of the reach of any pets.

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