Concrete floors have a very versatile surface that is not only super durable but also highly polishable. It is no wonder that most big box stores use concrete for their floor of choice. It can hold up to the high foot traffic as well as be easy to clean and maintain. With a few tools and a little know-how, you can make your concrete floors shine like linoleum.

Polished Concrete Floor

Step 1

Fill in all the cracks and holes with an epoxy concrete filler. This is usually a kit where you mix the epoxy with a hardener and sand. The amount of sand used will depend on the width of the crack being filled. Allow it to dry for the recommended amount of time before moving on to the rest of the floor.

Step 2

Sand the floor using the coarsest grit first. Typically you will want to hire someone to do this process because they will have the machines that will not only grind down the floor but also vacuum the concrete dust as they work. Polished concrete floors are becoming more and more popular so contractors that do this kind of work are easier to find.

Step 3

Increase the number of the sandpaper. For instance, if you start with an 80 grit sandpaper you will work your way up in increments until you get to 1500 for the highest shine. It will leave the floor with a super shine that dirt will have a hard time clinging to.

Step 4

Apply a stain resisting sealer to keep the floors from absorbing dirt and dust. This is usually an epoxy formula that is applied with a paint roller or paint brush on the edges. The fumes are quite toxic and care must be taken to provide good ventilation, especially if it is in a home or workplace.

Step 5

Maintain the floor by washing it with a general mild cleaner. Polished concrete floors are known for being low maintenance and a simple mopping with a mild cleaner is usually all that is necessary to keep the high gloss finish. Sometimes people will buff it with an electric to maintain a high shine, especially if it is a high traffic area.